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Sept 2018 onwards

step 1

Fin design in SketchupPro 2016.

step 2

Fin actual in garage.

Double thickness cross ply balsa wood. Weighs 400 grams so far.

HTML and databases

Tuesday Oct 2nd 2018


Time to get the comments section working. I know basic HTML/CSS, got to go deep. Get into serverside PHP or Python.

Dump it all into server-side database using mySQL. I half arse know c++, so I could just stay with that on server side.

I give myself 3 months to get it up and running.

Update 2 Nov 18


Now have installed Microsoft SQL SERVER 2014, for FREE. Impressive tool. Impressive hook.

Progress at 6th December 2018. 2.5 of 13. 19%. Projected to finish in eight months (6th August 2019). Too slow.

On www.codeacademy.com datascience stream


Progress at 18.12.18 30%. Finish 8.3.19


Drystone Wall notes

Sat Sun 23rd Sep 2018

Our wall. Schist. Simple, but not easy:

mywall dry1 dry2 dry3 dry4


Friday May 18th 2018


Welded up a squat rack. With safety arms. Go.

Recommend Rippetoe Starting strength for an online gym instructor.


125kg dead lifts so far...

5kg advance every 2 days.


Bag is hard hard work.

Kids like punching me and each other, carefully.

The power of wrestling with your kids. Teaches them limits. Shows them how to dance.

One of those boy things the gutless post-moderns are trying to crush. The craven manipulators. Yet girls love wrestling too.

30 of the 30 last school shooters in America came from broken families.


Sun 4th Feb 2018

dont choke

Learning to wrestle, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style. Intense exercise with 100kg opponents trying to choke you. Different. Bruises abound. More cardio intense than I would have expected.

Stone masonry - A wall

Wed 22nd Nov 2017

blank slate

Got me some old school masonry tools and some basalt. Going to break up some rocks in Ashlar(ish) pattern and glue it to a wall to give it a bit of character.

Going to shape the rocks first, glue it via a wall tile grout, whack the coping on top. The wall can be seen from the street. Dunedin has some magnificent stone work around for inspiration.

The garden greens are stoked with the amount of sun.

Learn by doing. Each rock is different. The basalt breaks in knife sharp shards, but with a few swings goes regular.

Am using wedge and shims to break the large boulders down. I will use a diamond saw to half the pieces and leave rough finish on the outside.

lion man

Holy mackerel, stone art upto 750,000 bc exists. I'd better get this right. This is from 38,000 bc. German lion man.

Sat 25th Nov 2017

concrete in a barrow stonehenge arc

Impressed with the concept of biological memory, I think an arch motif of pavers set in concrete, in deference to stonehenge of Cornwallian locale. Would be right.

The loose stone chip feels good underfoot. The edge trimmed concrete paver.

Memetic propensity of people. We see people we would like to emulate. They have traits that are good, so we copy.

That took 2 hours.

I think that the warrior is in men. It might slumber for a generation or two, like those fish that live in the desert sands. But sits there waiting all the same. Or the creatures that completely freeze in the arctic. Biological indeterminate low testosterone post-modern arguing fools, be damned in indecisive existential hell.

Watched a gaggle of young Mitre 10 mega boys hiding from customers today. There was a few 30kg bags of sand to lift, so they fled. You then take the opportunity to train. Bugger them, I'll get this. Lift lift lift. Got it. Lazy schmucks. Thanks for the opportunity for letting me do your job. Come to think of it the last guy split the bag when he dropped it in the car. Better this way.

Concreted in the arch. Man it looks cool. Japanese Garden like. Outside work is dope. I need a rake to carve ridged lines in the gravel like a bushido warrior waiting. Or Mushashi tending his drowned fields beneath the volcano.

Welding - Chinup bar

Thursday 16th Nov 2017


Bought steel from steel and tube. My god theres a company that's going to go broke again. Hand cut steel with hacksaw, saving on drop saw excitement. Some discipline for dinner.

40mm pipe for hands. 6mm flat bar. 40mm square bar, 4mm thick. About $50 worth of steel.

Now why do my hacksaw cuts always migrate left? I adjusted with a crosseyed cut to the right to stay straight. It seems my technique sucks.

Hanging chinup bar from roof. Welds rough. Needs to hold my gross mass up, not to mention my kids.

Galv welded not too bad, was expecting problems Houston. One blow through. Magnet sucked in the electric arc a few inches. Some Edison white man crazy magic going on there.

Ready for a lick of metal paint, then bolt to roof. All up 2 hours work so far. Then fun starts.

Saturday 18th Nov 2017

Painted, two coats black "mil-spec" enamel paint.

Being then attached to the roof sounds simple....but. Dynamic shock resistant bolts sunk into concrete. Gone for Ramset chemical anchors around galv M12 threaded bar.

One kilonewton is about 100kg of force. Eight bolts, each up for 20 kilo newtons. Hence 8 * 20 * 100 = 16000kg, or 16T elephant. I should be right, even in super dynamic mode.

The roof is poured concrete slab ontop of a galv base. Drilling through metal into concrete was a nightmare. Once a sharp metal bit drilled through steel into concrete, it instantly went blunt, and transformed the bit into a butter knife. Discovered this whilst on a ladder with hot metal shards raining down the inside of my shirt. Had to stage it carefully, small 6mm hole, ream out concrete, larger 8mm hole, ream out concrete, final 12mm hole, ream out concrete. But wait I need a 14mm hole and the chuck of my drill goes to 13mm. Shitzen.

Monday 20th Nov 2017

Honed the holes, finished the boring the concrete. Special gun required for two part epoxy chemset 101. Glue stinks. 1 hour drying, 1.5 hour fitting. Tested on kids. Mission accomplished. Next.