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Equality Preachers by Nietzsche as Zarathustra

19th November 2018


XXIX. The Tarantulas.

Lo, this is the tarantula's den! Would'st thou see the tarantula itself? Here hangeth its web: touch this, so that it may tremble.

There cometh the tarantula willingly: Welcome, tarantula! Black on thy back is thy triangle and symbol; and I know also what is in thy soul.

Revenge is in thy soul: wherever thou bitest, there ariseth black scab; with revenge, thy poison maketh the soul giddy!

Thus do I speak unto you in parable, ye who make the soul giddy, ye preachers of EQUALITY! Tarantulas are ye unto me, and secretly revengeful ones!

But I will soon bring your hiding-places to the light: therefore do I laugh in your face my laughter of the height.

Therefore do I tear at your web, that your rage may lure you out of your den of lies, and that your revenge may leap forth from behind your word "justice."

Because, FOR MAN TO BE REDEEMED FROM REVENGE--that is for me the bridge to the highest hope, and a rainbow after long storms.

Otherwise, however, would the tarantulas have it. "Let it be very justice for the world to become full of the storms of our vengeance"--thus do they talk to one another.

Vengeance will we use, and insult, against all who are not like us--thus do the tarantula-hearts pledge themselves.

And 'Will to Equality'--that itself shall henceforth be the name of virtue; and against all that hath power will we raise an outcry!

Ye preachers of equality, the tyrant-frenzy of impotence crieth thus in you for "equality": your most secret tyrant-longings disguise themselves thus in virtue-words!

Fretted conceit and suppressed envy--perhaps your fathers' conceit and envy: in you break they forth as flame and frenzy of vengeance.

What the father hath hid cometh out in the son; and oft have I found in the son the father's revealed secret.

Inspired ones they resemble: but it is not the heart that inspireth them-- but vengeance. And when they become subtle and cold, it is not spirit, but envy, that maketh them so.

Their jealousy leadeth them also into thinkers' paths; and this is the sign of their jealousy--they always go too far: so that their fatigue hath at last to go to sleep on the snow.

In all their lamentations soundeth vengeance, in all their eulogies is maleficence; and being judge seemeth to them bliss.

But thus do I counsel you, my friends: distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful!

They are people of bad race and lineage; out of their countenances peer the hangman and the sleuth-hound.

Distrust all those who talk much of their justice! Verily, in their souls not only honey is lacking.

And when they call themselves "the good and just," forget not, that for them to be Pharisees, nothing is lacking but--power!

My friends, I will not be mixed up and confounded with others.

There are those who preach my doctrine of life, and are at the same time preachers of equality, and tarantulas.

That they speak in favour of life, though they sit in their den, these poison-spiders, and withdrawn from life--is because they would thereby do injury.

To those would they thereby do injury who have power at present: for with those the preaching of death is still most at home.

Were it otherwise, then would the tarantulas teach otherwise: and they themselves were formerly the best world-maligners and heretic-burners.

With these preachers of equality will I not be mixed up and confounded. For thus speaketh justice UNTO ME: "Men are not equal."

And neither shall they become so! What would be my love to the Superman, if I spake otherwise?

On a thousand bridges and piers shall they throng to the future, and always shall there be more war and inequality among them: thus doth my great love make me speak!

Inventors of figures and phantoms shall they be in their hostilities; and with those figures and phantoms shall they yet fight with each other the supreme fight!

Good and evil, and rich and poor, and high and low, and all names of values: weapons shall they be, and sounding signs, that life must again and again surpass itself!

Aloft will it build itself with columns and stairs--life itself: into remote distances would it gaze, and out towards blissful beauties-- THEREFORE doth it require elevation!

And because it requireth elevation, therefore doth it require steps, and variance of steps and climbers! To rise striveth life, and in rising to surpass itself.

And just behold, my friends! Here where the tarantula's den is, riseth aloft an ancient temple's ruins--just behold it with enlightened eyes!

Verily, he who here towered aloft his thoughts in stone, knew as well as the wisest ones about the secret of life!

That there is struggle and inequality even in beauty, and war for power and supremacy: that doth he here teach us in the plainest parable.

How divinely do vault and arch here contrast in the struggle: how with light and shade they strive against each other, the divinely striving ones.--

Thus, steadfast and beautiful, let us also be enemies, my friends! Divinely will we strive AGAINST one another!--

Alas! There hath the tarantula bit me myself, mine old enemy! Divinely steadfast and beautiful, it hath bit me on the finger!

Punishment must there be, and justice--so thinketh it: "not gratuitously shall he here sing songs in honour of enmity!"

Yea, it hath revenged itself! And alas! now will it make my soul also dizzy with revenge!

That I may NOT turn dizzy, however, bind me fast, my friends, to this pillar! Rather will I be a pillar-saint than a whirl of vengeance!

Verily, no cyclone or whirlwind is Zarathustra: and if he be a dancer, he is not at all a tarantula-dancer!--

Thus spake Zarathustra.

The Last Lion Trilogy

1 1 1

The Last Lion Trilogy: Winston Spencer Churchill, 1874 to 1965.

By William Manchester and Paul Reid

Discard your social media addiction, and settle into a long haul of many pages

Churchill is no doubt a flawed man. Who could condone wine for breakfast? Yet these books revealed something hidden. Why do our bards hide the history of the man who saved Western Civilisation? He will always be a great man. He probably should be a saint. Maybe one day.

The first book is fun, the second sad, the third epic.

The boy fights to save the father. Churchill adored his Dad, yet his father disliked his wayward son. Churchill predicted the date of his own death. He predicted he would die on the same day as his father. A dozen years before, when he was Prime Minister. He carried the link to his father through childhood, WWI and WWII. Ninety years he lived. His was a long life, given in service to English history and tradition. He stood at the brink of the abyss and fought the demons, seeking always his father. This is fascinating for me.

His final great 20 year battle was fought against the first vanguards of Western Socialism in England. This battle was the catalyst of the current 2018 post-modern attempt to re-write history and make Churchill the bad guy. The revisionists will fail. He is still loved. This story makes one swell with pride and made me sad too.

The biography has quite a lot to say against the idea that Churchill suffered from depression. I would agree that the black dog idea is rubbish. He was such a jolly thing. A baby face with steel will. A depressed soul would not have gone through that hell and survived. His humour bubbles up all the time.

He demonstrates the practical power of courage. Practise, demonstrate. Stand firm on the bridge and defend Western Civilisation. Last chance bridges are common in the best stories: Thermopylae, Horatius, Churchill.

The last stand = the last lion.

We are at the walled city with Horatius, Churchill on his right hand. Who will stand with him? What better way to die, than facing fearful odds.

These were three good books. I really liked them.


7th July 2018


The bedrock of western civilisation is rotting. The old traditions set individual freedom and the sacred divinity of individuals as a foundational item. Modern men have no foundational myths. They have forgotten to renew them. And imposters are sliding into the vacuum. Post modernism snivels its way in, as rebooted Marxism. As well as pig headed Islamic fundamentalism.

The solution is obvious. Rediscover our christian foundational stories, and bring them to life. If you want peace, prepare for war. Find courage little mice. It takes little to bring down the new salivating tyrannies. Their failure is written into their source code.

Rudderless cricketers.

28th Mar 2018


At some point in the distant past the rules of cricket began to bend. People cannot just magic values and ethics from nothing. Perhaps we can do it during the commercial breaks. Or is their an app to download? Cricket, like communities, and families began to drift. Sledging became popular. Win at all costs. Results justify abhorrent behaviour. When exactly did it become ok to insult the opposition and try pass it off as funny. When did we forget dignity, honour and humility?

Now there is a new underarm incident to live down. Unethical fools brought down by hubris and stupidity.

I'd suggest six years attending a latin mass. Master Ave Maria and the beast in your heart.

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

28th Jan 2018


Sayeth the socialists: We hate the rich. The rich are anyone with more money than me. We hate you, and will destroy you.

That's pretty vulgar, and makes me feel guilty, so we will pretend to be friends of the poor, buddies with the working class, then we can destroy you and not feel so guilty.

Then we will be the rich.

Modern plague

9th Dec 2017

That Marxism, like a virulent disease, has hitched a lift on the horror of war. It has invaded the battlefield and is animating our dead ancestors. Who may or may not have had such opinions. Movies are awash with actors assuming the mask of an anti-war sentiment to further political whims. They seem empty to me. The professional virtue signaler is all about power, not pity. It is the road trip with your fake face-book friends, who fail to turn up. Marxism and socialism were at the heart of WWII, yet they now assume the air of sweetness and light, ready to take us down into hell once more.

Communism jumped into power in Russia on the wave of outrage of the killing in WWI. They ripped the heart out of Russia. More died from the communist ideology than died in battle in WWII. And the dying probably has not finished yet. Yet, let us just ignore that.

War is generally bad. Yet if you are not prepared to conduct it, you must submit to terror in the end. Submit. War is there to rid the world of evil. That is the dichotomy of life. Be prepared for War, or war will come and take you. There is a mundane evil that cannot be bargained with. Nothing shuts a bully up faster than his realization that you cannot be cowed.

Socialist leaders tend to want everyone just to go along with the crowd. This is NOT leadership. Did you see the faux tears that flowed once America broke out of goose step from the flock of EUnuch nations at the EU. Corporate organizations have similar tendencies. The use of terms in the business world like collective, going forward, social justice - startling. This is enabled and driven by warped HR departments, and corporate structures that just want submission of their annoying staff. The tropes of Socialism are good if you want to establish a ruling class. You can claw your way to the top, backstabbing and virtue signalling madly. Media, university, unions, hollywood, local politics have been over whelmed by the disease of marxist thought. And sheeplike they are terrified of stepping outside the norm, or OFF to the gulags.

Loyal revisionists guarding the bit cloud with furiously fast typed Wikipedia entries. Horseshit theories on gender, economics, climate change, world peace, universal incomes, refugees, etc, etc. Zombie soldiers on the march.

Reload brothers, they are coming.

Cast the mote from thine own eye

7th Nov 2017

hero myth

Before you set yourself up as judge of the world, set your own life in order. Many who seek to pass judgement on the way we live our lives, are hypocrites. Leadership starts with you.

The smallest circle of influence you might have an impact on, which you might set right, with no small effort, reads this with your eyes. It may take a heroic effort to start. A big hit to the ego. I love the hero myths. The men who overcome their dragons, and face their deepest fears.

An experiment. All those whom think capitalism has failed, can assemble in the North Island of New Zealand. All those whom think capitalism is a success, can assemble and live in the South Island. The water forms a barrier. Like splitting East and West Germany. What do you think happens? Where would you want to live? The transformation would be stunning.

In East Germany, one in three people became Stasi informers to the Soviet Invaders. The capacity to take the totalitarian path, a well trodden path to evil, exists in all of us. It exists in you.

The great terror of the Twentieth century is raising its many hydra'd head again. The ignorance of many of the terrible legacy of the modern marxists is truly horrific. The rote learned mantra of the eternally protesting post-modern has the stink of death on it. PC is the language of satan. If we do not tell the truth of socialist history, we will be doomed to repeat it. We need to learn it, so that we can tell it in stories, and laugh at it. Bring it to dwell in the light, so that it will wither.

Socialism will bring about equality. Equality in misery. To paraphrase Churchill.


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