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Roverandum - Tolkein - [1998]

Read: 31th July 2018


A little dog takes a bite out of an old mans trousers to discover he is a wizard, a now angry wizard, with a hole in his pants and leg, who turns him into a tiny toy creature. Roverandum then has many adventures, trying to get home.

Tolkein creates the perfect grandfather figures in his old wizards. The archetype of friendly, wise, tough grandfathers. The best 1000 grandfathers ever, combined into one: the man-in-the-moon, and the ubiquitous Gandalf.

The dream scene on the dark side of the moon was memorable. Jungian.

A perfect book crafted for children, and to be enjoyed immensely by the reader as well. I read this aloud to my young daugther. Five chapters, only, and we were both sad when it finished, as we wanted it to go on.

Measure What Matters - OKRS the simple idea that drives growth - John Doerr [2018]

Read: 29th July 2018


Coming off the Churchill biography, I was only going to be disappointed.

They got the simple part of the title right. It seemed they could have summarised the book in a two power point slide. The rest of the book was a sales pitch for all their google buddy companies. Read like a girl desperately seeking likes from her facebook friends.

The idea of OKR is simple though. And probably quite effective. In fact, I intend to give it a go in our teams. The book spend too long name dropping.

OKR is Objectives and Key Results. Set objectives, 3 or so key measures, plaster it up in public. Go for it. Sort of like an oath to yourself. An ancient blood oath to your kinsmen. The effort will be in keeping them from being new years resolutions, that are forgotten by February. Hence it comes back to good old fashioned management and communication.

KISS your objective. Measures should be numbers, not feelings.

I agree about the performance review chapter. Ditch them for more regular, low key reviews.

Manchester - ALONE - The Last Lion - Winston Chester Churchill [1989]

Read: 14th July 2018


My favourite book ever.

A Churchill biography covering his life from 1932 to 1940.

Why is all this history hidden? This is so epic. This should be taught before all.

Our duty is to fight. If necessary alone.

Get yourself a goal. Strike an oath. Serve your future by preserving the past. The only reason we have such a glorious life, is due to the fighting spirit of your grandparents. This is why life is so easy, for us in the west.

Perhaps because life has become so easy, we so deliberately seek to sabotage our success. We dabble in ideology. Even the atheists use a religous structure to define their atheism. Such hypocrits. We need acknowledge that suffering is life. That suffering is good. That good is a choice. And so is evil. An easy choice.

Manchester - The Last Lion - Winston Chester Churchill [1983]

Read: 24th May 2018


What a story.

A Churchill biography covering his life from 1874 to 1932.

Churchill was born in a palace, son of a Lord. His father hated him and his philandering mother ignored him. I get the sense that a chunk of Churchill's engine is a striving to get his parents attention. The desperate letters to his mother from boarding schools, pleading for her to visit him. His father died, syphilitic, without mending the relationship with his son. Churchill is an epic figure, genius, brave, orator, leader, flaws aplenty too. How much of his success can be seen from the angle of trying to get his dead father's attention. So sad.

His family were friendly with the royal family. His mother slept with royals, prince rooter who became King Edward VII. Lord Randolf fell out with the prince when one of Randolf brother's jilted lovers threatened to expose the root rat royal family. He was banished to Ireland, where Winston grew up.

Winston was a poor student. He only started to do well when he scraped into military school: Sandhurst. Yet he remembers novels he read in school, 70 years later. In the military he shone. He started to read. Gibbon, Schopenhauer, Aristotle, Plato. He fought in four wars, was wounded, also he was captured in the Boer war, later escaped. Became very popular after this and started his political career after a year of touring the country giving speeches. He made a lot of money writing for newspapers.

In politics he was a brilliant orator, people loved to listen to him. He swapped parties, from conservative to liberal and back. Very antagonistic. Made a lot of political enemies (made them feel foolish). Given a role in the Admiralty. He went to the Wright brothers to build an air wing for the British Navy! Flew 140 times before his pregnant wife Clementine begged him to quit as too many biplanes were killing their pilots.

As a popular voice, he was blamed for Gallipoli. Cast under the bus. Yet a craven admiral failed to attack the Dardanelles strait effectively. Turks were abandoning Constantinople! There was a two month delay after the initial attack. Plenty of time for the Germans to re-inforce the Gallipoli peninsula. Widely recognized that if the initial attack had been followed through with, WWI would have finished 3 years early. Kitchener betrayed him, by not providing infantry. Then there is the dig in, homosexual Hamilton. "dig, dig, dig" he chanted. The Aussies then called themselves diggers. When the official papers were released he was vindicated, yet Kitchener drowned when his boat was torpedoed.

Came into power in Queen Victoria's reign. He saw six Monarch's crowned. So much living in one funny, tough, literate, little man. Onto the next volume.

Hicks - Nietzsche and the Nazis [2010]

Read: 21st April 2018


Nazi's --and-- their Opposite

Collectivism -- Individualism

Socialism -- Capitalism

Authoritarianism -- Libertarian

War & Zero sum conflict -- Production & trade

Instinct, passion, blood -- Reason

Nietzsche - Beyond good and evil [1886]

Read: 8th April 2018


I was expecting a much more confusing hard to read text, but it was astonishly clear, almost opposite to what has been pushed upon him by pushers.

As the man who "killed god" he sure does talk about religion a lot. Many chapters on freedom, morality, religion, nobility, nations. This guy has been taken so far out of context, it is hilarious. Actually lots of it was quite funny. He holds no punches. A special true insult for every interest group. A solid kick in the balls.

Philosophers and their searching: "whoever dreams of them is a fool; the things of the highest value must have another, peculiar origin - they cannot be dervied from this transitory, seductive, deceptive, paltry world, from this turmoil of delusion and lust. Rather from the lap of Being, the hidden god, the 'thing-in-itself', must be its basis, and nowhere else". Stop looking and worrying chaps, its baked into biology.

Modern puritanical existentialists: "this is nihilism and the sign of despairing, mortally weary soul - however courageous the gestures of their virtue sound." Sad pathetic losers, stay away.

Socialists: "self-contemptuous cowards seek to blame their own failures somewhere else. Their pity is their most used disguise." Weaponised pity, dressed up activism, murderous beginnings, murderous endings.

Dummies, plodding thinkers: "philosophy should be done at presto tempo. Dare nuance and free spirit." Best I keep my mouth shut, or get the dummy label.

Chesterton - Orthodoxy [1908]

Read: 26th March 2018


That the fairy tale is more true than science, logic and philosophy.

Play demands we do it again, just for the pleasure of it.

On madness, that the poet or artist rarely goes mad. The chess player, mathematician, philosopher: shitloads of nutters.

The man who kills himself, kills all men. The men that truely believe in themselves are in asylums.

Tradition involves giving a vote to your ancestors.

Christianity says nature is our sister.

Scruton - Conservatism - ideas in profile [2017]

Read: 12th March 2018


The ultimate hypermarked html of conservative literature. 150 pages of links to other writers. Damn.

Historical description of politics from reformation through to today.

Values: Peace (through strength), Home, and Family.

Individual liberty is under attack. Liberals and Conservatives now stand side by side against collectivising forces from left and corporate right.

There are two laws. Natural or Common law. And politicised, corruptable, regulatory law. Law as a negative force: thou shall not.

Government is bottom up, AND must be by consent.

The "We" of membership is balanced precariously against the "I" of individual freedom.

Talk about duties, not rights. Where is your social capital. It is a form of capitalism. Revolutionaries tear down social capital and cause inflation.

Traders enable peace - capitalism is a self correcting system.

There is wisdom in habits. Solutions to problems we have forgotten.

Talk about Dignity as a value.

Equality is an evil value. Equality in outcome requires totalitarian death.

Marriage is an existential tie. Disloyaty to home a form of betrayal. Associations are the genius of the west. The little platoons. Shut down by Jacobins. Shut down by soviets. Join a club.

To read: Hobbes, Locke, Harrington, Jefferson, Burke, TS Eliot, Maistre, Rene, Tocqueville, Milton Friedman, Hayek.

Solzhenitsyn - Gulag Archipelago - abridged [1973]

Read: 9th March 2018

socialists nuremberg

The machine broke the kulak. It broke the back of Russia.

Ask not where the executioners came from, they came from the people. The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. The organs, like the UN, wore blue hats.

Article 58 - the most common fake arrest charge: Anti-soviet propoganda.

Tenner - 10 years. Twenty Five - 25 years. Double sentences common.

Concentration camps had been used by soviets since 1918. Well before Hitler. 80 million dead. No Nuremberg trials. No guilty. This book is the Socialists Nuremburg.

"We have to condemn publicly the very idea that some people have the right to repress others. In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, wea re thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations."

Macbeth's baddies were amatuers. They just needed ideology to enable them to kill millions. The evil doer with ideology remains dry eyed as they turn the meat grinder. Human dogma, political ideology.

The bigger criminal was the stoolie. The dobber. They were everywhere. The cruelest guards were from the prisoners ranks. Later, in 1950's, the stoolies began to be murdered, and the prison system began to break down internally.

Most of the prisoners were communists. The intersectionality of left wing logic. Eventually it turns on itself. The prison system was the engine house of Russia. When the prison system began to fail, the whole soviet system fell.

The church and its people were executed without mercy. Churches became prisons. The Solovetsky Islands. Many of the few survivors of the soviet camps had a common theme: belief in god. Gorky was condemned by Solzhenitsyn for his silence. Solovetsky was the cancer which spread.

Villagers, peasant lads. They worked and in their village simplicity they gave all their strength to their work and weakened very swiftly and then froze to death, embracing in pairs.

So many bodies, that when making concrete, the bones mixed with the gravel and became the foundations of Mother Russia.

Two bosses: the hammer and the anvil.

Screaming about fascists. Using that cover to justify ongoing systemic murder. Still the leftists scream about fascists.

Soviets encourage theivery. All property was ill-gotten. Theives ran camps. Children at the age of 12 were given 25 year sentences. Kids adapted and aspired to criminal activity.

Doestoyevsky - Crime and Punishment[1866]

Read: 27th Feb 2018

lenin axe

Gruesome study of people toying with the idea of a new ideology.

Raskolnikov acts. Murders with an axe.

A gifted student, but lacking in practicality, he decides that he should murder his annoying lady pawn broker, with an axe no less. In the aftermath of the kill, with the smell of blood and terror in the room, the pawnbroker's innocent sister stumbles in on his perversion, and gets slaughtered too. Parallelling the moral superiority of Marxist overlords, he kills, then has to keep killing. It's justified for socialist perfection. He has his ideology, his higher status, tricked up in sympathy for the poor. Sickened by the act, he goes mad.

Raskolnikov's sister Dunya is chased by an evil lawyer and manipulator, Luzhin. Luzhin is spurned and shoots himself.

Persuaded by Sonja, his friend, he confesses to the police. The clear eyed detective Porfiry Petrovich knew Raskolnikov was guilty and persuaded him to confess, to lessen his sentence. After 8 years in Siberia, stuggling with his ego, he accepts his suffering, finds faith, and begins to build himself afresh.

Stephen R Hicks - Explaining Postmodernism [2004]

Read: 9th Feb 2018


Explaining Postmodernism - Ockham's Razor - Rousseau, Kant, Herder, Fichte, Schleiermacher, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Spengler, Heidegger, Russell, Wittgenstein, Ayer, Popper, Kuhn, Lenin, Sombart, Horkheimer, Marcuse, Rorty, Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida

Lays out the 200 year ongoing murderous fiasco that is Socialism.

Built on Nihilism, the socialists inability to reform society to their satisfaction, means their brains are dissolving as their world view crumbles. They have been pounded by the success of Liberal Capitalism. The Enlightenment hit the world in the 1600's: individual freedom, science, engineering, technology and logic (Locke, Newton, Bacon). It has gone from strength to strength for 400 years. But the insane predictions of socialists founders and prophets, starting with the Germanic Counter-enlightenment, gets progressively worse with every evolution.

Somewhat like Spock, the English enlightenment logical positivists have weathered the spittle of the revolutionary zealots, somewhat bewildered by their hatred. Rousseau gave socialists their bible. Rousseau who abandoned FOUR of his children to death in orphanages, wrote twisted sweet sounding words which fed the Jacobian murders of the French Revolution. In amongst his words he wrote "if a person acts as if he does not believe them [the government] he should be put to death." [the social contract 1762]. Hence he took the first step towards Hitlers Final Solution.

The french revolutionaries were rightfully put to death for their crimes of terror in Rousseau's name. Napoleon swept into power and became Dictator of Europe spreading the ideals of the enlightenment as a benevolent dictator. Germans didn't like that and schemed to undermine the enlightment. Beat by Napoleon, Beat in WWI, Beat in WWII, the German socialists hatred of western liberal society ran deep.

Kant had opened pandora's box for them. Hegel worshipped the state, and he opened the gates of hell upon us. Collectivist Right and Collectivist Left was borne. Distraught that socialism was getting crushed everywhere, they couldn't believe their eyes, so they tried to redefine their eyes. Anti-logic, Anti-reason, relativist, anti-human. Like thats going to work! The cynical Frankfurt school: Foucault, Derrida, Lyotard, Rorty.

The godsend to commie lovers - reject reason. Marx's predictions weren't coming true. They want power now. They hate the people, and want their pasty skinned intellectual buddies as the new feudal overlords. But they will eat each other in the end, their philosophy is borne in darkness.

Kierkegaard and Heidegger: emotions are grounded in dread and guilt. Marx: all should feel alienation, victimisation, and rage. Nietzsche: all we need is power. Freud: aggressive sexuality.

RAGE, POWER, GUILT, LUST, DREAD - no wonder they keep losing.

Their only weapon is words. Their experiment is failing. Rumours to bring down Othello. They destroy pride and morality. They hate beauty (see modern art). They attack family and even biology. Utterly contemptible. The enlightenment is proud of its history. It is confident for the future. We know the potential of man. Life is NOT a zero sum game. People are endlessly creative and we will accelerate modernity. Defend our history. Defend our beauty. Defend our culture. Defend our christian roots. Shield the Enlightenment flame against postmodern spawn of Cane.

Know our values. Love your home.

Enter the Bucko (Jordan Peterson).

Jordan Peterson - 12 rules [2018]

Read: 1st Feb 2018


Twelve rules: An antidote to chaos - A metaphorical sword with which to make your way in the world.

Step up, accept the suffering and malevolence of the world, aim high, and be the one everyone looks to for strength at your fathers funeral.

A brilliant rendering of religious wisdom and scientific practicality. He's resealed the logic vortex which the enlightenment ripped open.

So much on the edge passion and more poignant humanity than you'll find in any socialist. A real desire to fix the holes in our hearts, one at a time.

Lets see how I go, from memory. Stand up straight with your shoulders back, treat yourself like someone you are looking after, tell the truth or at least don't lie, don't throw pearls before swine, tidy your room bucko before you fix the world, don't let your children do anything that makes you dislike them, pat a cat in the street and see something beautiful every day, don't disturb children who are skateboarding, lobsters taste good with butter.

And then: Compare yourself to who you were yesterday (beat your pb), pursue what is meaningful not expedient, listen, be precise in your speech.

I got the trifecta: Audio, Kindle and Hardcover. He does sound like a wise kermit the frog, and that makes it good.

We are flying to Melbourne in March to hear him talk. A new leader for individual freedom against collective terror.


Jocko Willink - Extreme Ownership [2015]

Read: 12th Nov 2017


Well I stumbled into Jocko's work through Jordan Peterson. Now I am hooked to podcasts, and am looking for a pullup bar and three alarm clocks. I think I will make a muscle up bar, weld it out of pipe and 7mm flat bar.

His wisdom has the ring of centuries about it. The lessons of leadership are like glimpsing at the DNA of teams. Plenty he covers is applicable to everything. The motivation topics are really transformative and change how you think. The perspective of a modern warrior, someone who could kill, who has killed, lends his words extra thruthiness, no bullshit. You can tell would be pretty good guy to hang with. Be handy to have a V8 ready to go. The game of life!

Own it - your teams performance.

Smash it - your next project.

Powerpoint warriors - simplify your message.

Discipline - the slow march to victory. And it's Dichotomy: Surrender to your desires and sacrifice future victory for pleasure now. But is it pleasure when you have the key.

He's hilarious, insightful, scary and wise.

Jordan Peterson - Maps of Meaning [1999]

Read: 13th Jan 2018


This is a big book and its going to take some time to get through it [11 weeks, whew]. Apologies Doctor P. I've listened to many hours of his podcasts. Bible series. Maps of meaning. Joe Rogan podcasts. Jocko podcasts. Done his understandmyself.com. So there's going to be some overlaps here.

1 Metaphysics - the myths and operating procedures of people. Source code that we aren't even aware of. Jordan talks of himself, and his dreams. Very cool Jungian throwback there for me. Back to books I read in the 80's. He's shocked with his self deception. His clever life of borrowed comments. Untruths. Needed a solid burning off. The catharsis of truth. Interesting as the post moderns have the same issue. Pre-packaged view of the world: "Everything is a power struggle. All success comes from white privledge." Done. Marxism rebooted in two sentences. Jordan has taken up the fight, and is a real inspirational leader.


2 Maps of Meaning - Dragon of chaos, Morduk the mesopotanian, rebel boy as hero, out of control chaos mother Tiamat, ocd ordered father. We do not forget our myths. Jung and biological memory. We hold these truths to be self evident. Don't be so sure knocking religion is a good idea, what do you know anyway. Nietzsche was trying to create a stronger Christianity, through thought fire. Common themes across all religions. Go out into the world my boy.

Our play as a child, is adult practise. Mimetic propensity of people. The unknown as an ocean around a small island of known.

3/4 We still walk in the valley of the shadow of death, all are capable of evil, know it. Cultivate a garden. Strive to understand and explore the unknown. Embrace the suffering. The death of christ not a full stop, only an example of the path. Get on it.

5 The hero throws themselves at the unknown, the fascist/marxist defends their temple of known perfection. Do you know evil? The devil is silent and loves rejection of exploration. Original sin as ruling in hell, versus serving and suffering towards heaven. We are creatures of discovery, of exploration. That is what makes us content, even whilst it hurts. Embrace chaos.

Solzenhitzen: Tell the truth and you can bring down a tyranny. The violent capo's: whom were crazy before they got in the concentration camp. Like the crazy vietnam vets, crazy before they went there. Circumstance easy to blame, than inner evil. Compelling descriptions of the communists in the concentration camps, still believing in the party, denouncing themselves and their family for their known. The artist, as the hero, outside the group, a little mad. Christ as the hero. Lawyers as baddies in interrogating jesus. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, and to god the things that are gods.

Where is what you most want to be found? Where you are least likely to look. In sterquiliniis invenitur 'It is found in the cesspools'

Alchemy was the father of modern science. Newton as a proponent. The drive to explore, paralleled against the logos. How to make gold from lead. 2000 year journey. Hard chemistry discovered.

The fear of god is the beginning of wisdom

We must lift the heavy stone, and tell the story of the logos, bring back responsibility, eternally exploring, reject the certainty of satan and the lies of the post-moderns. Sure, no problem!

Looking forward to antidote to chaos.

Roger Scruton - The Aesthetics of Architecture [1980]

1st Oct 2017 (started)


Philosopher king's attempt to disrupt the circular relative arguments of architectural relativists. Roger puts the architect and his medium at the centre of the artistic act. Elevates the practitioner as the creator. The revisionist high brow's are dunked. Dirty and good.

Lining up with Leon Krier, Poundbury, and having a pleasing discrimination for taste in buildings. Loves the Victorian styling. Rejects the glass concrete monstrosities. Post modern coffins no one wants to live in. The builder artist. Mason as high priest.

Ayn Rand - Anthem [1938]

Read: 15th Sep 2017


To the point Rand book. Sits with 1984 and Brave New World. Probably too short for big brains. Nice punchy story written in 1937 as the socialists started trying to take over the world - Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin.

Equality 7-2521 breaks free from totalitarians, discovers electricity, wins a girl, struggles to freedom. Collective 0-0009 the dead man walking, know-it-all budding Stalin. Equality retires to the hills with the Golden haired one, and lives an idyllic Walden life, of struggle!



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